The State Of Florida Offers Something For Everyone

When looking at states in the US that provide the best travel experiences, Florida comes to many people’s minds. It’s also a great state to pick a spot to live and soak up the sunshine. The culture in Florida is so unique, and there is something for everyone. Great cities like Miami, Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Destin, Jacksonville and more await you. What’s going to be your first stop?

When planning your trip or relocation to Florida, you want to learn more about the state. For example, you might know that New York City is the most populous city in the country, but did you know that Florida as a state outranks the state of New York regarding population? That says everything, and that milestone was achieved in 2014. Also, when looking up the history of the United States, you’re going to run into the oldest settlement when looking at Florida. It’s none other than Saint Augustine, and you might have heard about that city before. It’s a great place to visit to explore the history of the state and learn more about the culture in Florida.

You’ve certainly heard about all the great beaches in Florida. Have you been to any of them? You will not find a longer coastline in the US, and that is another fun fact that speaks volumes about the sunshine state. With the way Florida is being presented, you might not expect this next fun fact to be true. You’ve heard about states like Kansas and Nebraska being flat, rural areas. Did you know that no other state in the US is flatter than Florida? That’s not something many people expect to hear, despite knowing it’s not a mountainous state.

You do know how popular oranges are in the state of Florida most likely. That’s the fact that many people are reminded of from time to time in different ways. Its part of the culture in Florida, the state that produces the most citrus fruits in the US. As you get to know Florida better, you’re going to love this gorgeous state.

Florida is very inviting, no matter who you are and what you like to do. You are going to want to like hotter weather, however, because the average temperatures down there across the board aren’t known for being on the low end. Are you a golfer? Do you like to learn about our country’s space program? Find out why people just can’t get enough of this southern state with such a diverse culture.